I live in the suburbs and I like it

People rave about in the heart of *insert big city here*, and while I love having easy access to a thriving, bustling city filled with culture, sports, and activities, I really enjoy the perks that come with having less people per square mile. I like low rent, big apartments, and giant parking lots outside of stores. I love not needing blackout curtains to block street lights at night and not having to parallel park every day. Maybe if I worked in the city, things would be different, but in reality, I work even further out in the suburbs than I live. My commute is less than 30 minutes, and I am never bound by a train schedule.

When you Google “suburban,” the second synonym that comes up is dull. Now I’m not gonna lie. The suburbs don’t have the hustle and bustle (read: noise and crush of people living on top of each other), but there are plenty of things to do in the suburbs. Art festivals and concerts are not just for urban environments! I love certain things people might consider boring: baking, reading, binge watching television shows, and hanging with my cat. In my life, I have lived nearĀ a lot of big cities, including Houston, Austin, Louisville, and Chicago, but I always end up back in the ‘burbs. And anyways, it’s not like I need a passport to go into the city and enjoy all the events, shopping and nightlife.

On this blog, you will get a snapshot of my suburban life, including the desserts I bake, the books I read, and the sports I watch (I live just five blocks north of my Alma mater’s athletic complex, another perk of living in the suburbs). I will also tell you all about my easy day trips into the city and all associated adventures!